Application Summary
Type: Remodel / Repair
Location: 623 Northern Pacific Ave N
Property Owner: Quantum Development Inc
Description: This will be a restaurant is it is located right behind sushi burrito in downtown Fargo. The place is being "renovated"by this we are painting the outside wall and putting up a sign that has already been approved by the city and it was submitted by "Custom graphics inc". We are adding a small drywall to close down a storage room and we are putting brand new kitchen equipment. This will be like a "chipotle" concept, but with authentic traditional Mexican food. There will be a food service counter and right behind on the other side of the wall the "kitchen: or prepping area. We will not be acquiring nor installing a regular cooking hood. We work out of "square one kitchen rental" and we cook there. We will also be sharing kitchen space with "phoD'licioous" and we will have a "ventless hood" cooking hood that is electric and works with an electric griddle which we will only be using to cook our quesadillas in and to warm up tortillas. No meat or any other ingredients will be cooked there. Everything will be cooked and precooked in the "phoD'licious" kitchen. There will be one main entrance which is the back alley one and another one through "sushi burrito".
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Status Information
Name Complete Date
Application Submittal Yes 11/20/2021
Completeness Review Yes 11/23/2021
Fee Due Notification Yes 11/23/2021
Plan Review Fee Payment Yes 11/24/2021
Staff Review Yes 12/7/2021
Approval Yes 12/7/2021
Issuance Yes 12/7/2021
Finalize No 3/7/2022
Type Amount Paid
Building $799.50 Yes
Plan Review $159.90 Yes
Type Date Status
Framing 3/21/2022 2:00 PM Passed
Final Building 4/14/2022 2:00 PM Failed
Final Building 4/18/2022 9:30 AM Failed
Final Building 4/18/2022 1:30 PM Failed
Final Building 4/18/2022 3:00 PM Failed
Final Building 4/19/2022 10:45 AM Failed
Final Building 4/26/2022 3:15 PM Failed
Final Building 6/24/2022 10:00 AM Failed
Investigation / Walk-Through 1/13/2022 2:45 PM Passed
Final Electrical 3/25/2022 9:45 AM Passed
Final Electrical 3/25/2022 9:45 AM Passed
Inspection Correction Items
Name License
Name Value
Fireplace No
Work Performed By Property Owner
Occupant Load 189
Dwelling Units (DU) Added 0
Detailed Use Restaurant
Establishment Name Casa Delicia Eatery
Project Costs $110,000.00
1st Floor Area (ft²) 2,000.00
Total Construction Area (ft²) 2,000.00
Contact Name Eduardo Marcel Sanchez
Contact Type Owner
Business Associated With Casa Delicia Eatery
Contact Phone Number 7022772809
Contact Email
Electrical Work Yes - by Contractor
Gas Piping Work No
Heating or Air Conditioning Work No
Plumbing Work Yes - by Contractor