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6 Broadway N



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Interior fit-up of the buildings main level for a restaurant, and cooler storage in portion of the basement. Automated sprinkler system throughout the whole building.

Name Value
Fireplace False
Work Performed By Contractor
Occupant Load 191
Dwelling Units (DU) Added
Detailed Use Restaurant
Establishment Name Pounds Fit-Up
Project Costs 800000.00
1st Floor Area (ft²)
2nd Floor Area (ft²)
3rd Floor and Above Area (ft²)
Basement Area Finished (ft²)
Total Construction Area (ft²) 6390.00
Contact Name Luther Holm
Contact Type General Contractor
Business Associated With Holm Construction
Contact Phone Number 701-388-0030
Contact Email luther.holm@hotmail.com
Electrical Work Yes - by Contractor
Gas Piping Work Yes - by Contractor
Heating or Air Conditioning Work Yes - by Contractor
Plumbing Work Yes - by Contractor
Status Information
Name Complete Date
Application Submittal Yes 1/6/2023 3:43:55 PM
Completeness Review Yes 1/9/2023 3:10:56 PM
Plan Review Fee Payment Yes 1/9/2023 3:12:53 PM
Staff Review Yes 1/31/2023 2:20:00 PM
Returned for Revisions Yes 2/7/2023 12:06:31 PM
Resubmission Yes 2/13/2023 2:30:30 PM
Staff Review Yes 2/13/2023 2:30:33 PM
Approval Yes 2/13/2023 2:30:42 PM
Issuance Yes 2/13/2023 2:31:35 PM
Certificate of Occupancy Yes 6/30/2023 3:54:22 PM
Finalize Yes 7/18/2023 2:48:07 AM
Type Amount Paid
Building $3,953.94 Yes
Plan Review $790.79 Yes
Division Status Reviewer
Inspections Revisions Needed Peter Valkov
Engineering Revisions Needed Christine Goldader
Planning Complete / Approved Bradley Garcia
Fire Complete / Approved Ryan Erickson
Health Complete / Approved Laura Khadang
Inspections Complete / Approved Peter Valkov
Engineering Complete / Approved Christine Goldader
Fire Complete / Approved Ryan Erickson
Health Complete / Approved Laura Khadang
Review Comments
Division Status Comment
Inspections Resolved Turning radius / clear floor space is required in accessible restroom stalls per ICC A117.1 2017 - sections 304 and 604.3 and 604.9. Please revise your plans to provide required clearances and re-submit.
Inspections Resolved Is the structure around the type I hood - wall framing, wall finishes, etc. of non-combustible nature, as required per the IMC? Please comment.
Inspections Resolved Please provide code information - plumbing fixtures calculations as required to show on plans. Please resubmit plans.
Inspections Resolved Are safeguards during construction considered as required per IBC, chapter 33? Please provide information and plans.
Inspections Resolved Are there any areas that aren't considered for installation of sprinkler fire-protection system per NFPA13? Please explain, otherwise please provide proper separation for these fire areas per IBC, section 707.
Inspections Resolved Is there a fire-separation on place between the ground level and the second floor? It appears the second floor may not provided with sprinkler system within the scope of the current project. Please comment.
Inspections Resolved Codes cited on sheet G111 are to certain extend incorrect. Please revise project to meet the current code cycle enforced codes within the AOJ as listed at the top of this letter.
Inspections Resolved Certain sections in the code sheet G111 show "??????" after the title of the section. In addition some data also shows question marks. Please explain, revise plans, and resubmit plans that have no question marks on sections used to demonstrate code compliance.
Inspections Resolved Plans show S101 sheet. Is there another structural plans sheet(s)? Please explain.
Inspections Resolved Sheet G111: "The whole building will be sprinkled" - please confirm the whole building will be provided with a sprinkler system.
Inspections Resolved Assembly spaces shall provide accessible seating spaces and accessible counters as required per IBC, chapter 11. It is not clear if these plans have provided the required accessibility seating / counters. Please comment.
Inspections Resolved What is the total occupant load that is calculated for this remodel only? Please provide a number.
Inspections Resolved Plumbing comment: Reduced is the main for the combination waste and vent to 3”. It should remain 4” with a full size C.O. at the end.
Inspections Resolved Plumbing comment: There is no full size C.O. when reducing from 4” to 2” in the kitchen and Bathroom.
Inspections Resolved Plumbing comment: Island sink venting is drawn incorrect in the isometrics.
Health Resolved Hand sink is needed in dish area
Health Resolved Does the three compartment sink have drainboards on both sides?
Health Resolved Plan review application sent to owner for completion prior to approving plans
Engineering Resolved A Right-of-Way Use Agreement is required if the project will result in temporary use and/or closure of sidewalks, parking, or driving lanes. This includes area used for dumpsters, staging, material deliveries, and equipment. Please review additional information about Right-of-Way use and the Agreement application by following this link: https://fargond.gov/city-government/departments/engineering/engineering-services/right-of-way-management If the Right-of-Way will be used during construction for any purpose, please contact Kristy Schmidt (701-241-1571 or kschmidt@fargond.gov) to coordinate the agreement.
Engineering Resolved Verify that roof drains from the building are connected to the storm sewer, not sanitary. The City has a program to help with the cost of reconnecting roof drains to the storm sewer, if necessary.
Engineering Resolved Add detail to re-install grooved tape pavement markings in the handicap accessible parking space on Broadway after pavement replacement is complete.
Type Date Status Inspection Items
Framing 3/28/2023 12:30:00 PM Failed
Framing 6/30/2023 8:30:00 AM Passed
Final Fire 6/30/2023 4:00:00 PM Passed
  • Sprinkler system required
  • Commercial kitchen hood system required
  • PA permit required OL 104
Final Building 6/30/2023 8:45:00 AM Passed
UG Fire 5/18/2023 12:00:00 PM Passed
Above Ground Hydrostatic Test 5/23/2023 12:15:00 PM Passed
  • Draft curtains required in first floor truss space. ****See plans
Final Fire Sprinkler 6/29/2023 2:41:19 PM Passed
Final Fire Alarm 6/29/2023 2:40:52 PM Passed
Final Fire Suppression 6/30/2023 2:10:41 PM Passed
Name License
Holm Construction Services LLC 44383A


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Existing Documents
  • Certificate of Occupancy.doc (6/30/2023)
  • Permit.docx (2/13/2023)
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